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Happy Halloween!

Beware... this is our undead doll Halloween decoration:






Broken old necklace into ear jewelry

This is an old silver necklace I had which to some point had a little ... accident. The chain broke in a couple of places. I really like the material and the gemstones though, so I decided instead of throwing it away to make two earrings out of it.

I just used pliers to cut the chain, a couple of earring hooks and finally baking soda to make my new creations look like new:

 I made two different ones:

In the near future I might cut them shorter :-)


Rope necklaces out of old head band and polymer clay gemstone

It's been a very long time...again! Since I managed to find some free time over the past couple of weeks I decided to spend it on crafting of course :-)

This head band has seen more than a few summers and I don't really wear it anymore:

So I decided to make a rope necklace out of it and finally I ended up making two of them:

All I used was rope, needle and thread, reused clasps and chain and polymer clay for the gemstone.

I think I am ready now for my summer/autumn holidays!