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Old clothes into new baby stuff... stuffed animal tutorial

    I have been waiting for the maternal instinct to overwhelm me, but nothing happened (;-)) so far, so I tried to do something about it, create something for my expected little ones! Since I have gathered a lot of clothes I don't wear anymore, I decided to use them :

   So I started by making this pattern using a pencil, 2 A4 paper sheets glued together and a pair of scissors. A pattern for the body, the ears and tail :

   Drawing the pattern on the trousers...:

    Cut the double fabric and then sewed it together:

   Same with the ears, I used the fabric of the inner pockets of the trousers:

    And the result after stuffing them with glass wool parts and sewing... :

   I also stuffed the body with glass wool and then sewed the ears on it:

    ...and the result:

    I had a hard time sewing this totally by hand, so I asked my mom to give me her old singer sewing machine to experiment a bit. 

And here are the stuff I made:

From this..

to this



into this..

   And also:

old trousers

..into another stuffed elephant!
    Since I had the machine I thought of doing some more things except stuffed animals.. So I experimented with some old advertising towels a t-shirt and my trousers (again...) :

   And made these bibs!



My bottle chandelier

            Hi there, I'm back again. Our new house is almost ready now, one of the last things I needed was a lamp for the living room. And now I have it!

      The idea was to make one out of green wine/oil/vinegar/water bottles.

      I had a hard time cutting off the bottoms of the bottles. I followed this tutorial I found : but it was still difficult to achieve because I didn't actually have the right tool, only a cheap one, so I improvised using a clamp:

      Sand paper was used to smoothen the not so perfect edges :

     The reason I delayed this project for so long is that I couldn't find the red cable I wanted for the lamp. I looked in every shop and on line too but the search was unfruitful. I came to the conclusion that there must be a red cable conspiracy theory but after googling this nothing came up ;-) So I took an extension cable we had at home:

      Cut it in 5 pieces, 2 meters each and painted it with a permanent red marker (Oh, yes!). I actually needed one and a half markers... :

      My husband helped me with the power connections (thank you darling!) and here is the one out of five result:



        ...another prospective:



Fimo miniatures and easter candle decoration

       Hello! I've been busy these days working on my polymer clay miniatures that my goddaughter loves so much so I can use them as decoration on the easter candle I prepared for her.

        So, I started with some chocolate chip fimo biscuits:

         And then a little waffle with vanilla ice cream and cherries:

       I added some syrup: 

       And then I made some ham, cheese and lettuce sandwiches:

        But there were some pastel polymer clay leftovers and so I used them as scoops to make an ice cream:

      Finally I glued some of these on the hair accessories I bought for the little princess, and here is the result:

       Then I bought two plain easter candles, one for her and one for the little brother ;-) I decorated them with some ribbon for a start:

      Some painting decoration:

   Then I placed the hair accessories on the pink one:

    And here are the easter candles (and their wrappings) ready to be given as presents to the little ones! :



Upcycled baby drawer

       Finally I managed to spend some time on a project for my two new expected sweethearts! I had this old drawer that took some repair with PVA glue and some screws, some cleaning of course and polishing too :

            Then I used some paint and an old Japanese comic t-shirt for decoration:

              And the result looks approximately like this:  

               Any ideas to improve this?