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Polymer clay miniature pizza tutorial

   Since I really appreciate other people's tutorials, I decided to start making my own. This is an idea I had couple of days ago, when I was making polymer clay miniature buttons for baby bibs.

  So, let's start!

  You'll need : polymer clay in colors: tan, translucent white, red, terracotta, green, black, brown, yellow, white, liquid polymer clay and pastels for the coloring.

    Start with a piece of tan clay:

    Roll it using something like a small rolling pin (I used a pen) :

  Then cut off a circular piece, you can use a lid like I did:

   Roll the remain of the clay into a little snake and adjust it around the basic circular piece (in order to do that I used the back of a brush) :

   With a brush and pastels in brown, orange and yellow color the dough so it looks baked:

   For the tomato sauce I used liquid clay mixed with red and brown pastels:

   Mix the materials with a toothpick :
  and spread on the dough like this:

   For the cheese you will need light yellow ( you can mix yellow and white to obtain this) and translucent clay:

   After you mix them together you roll the clay so you have a very thin layer of cheese:

  Cut off a circular piece a little smaller in diameter than the inner circle of the pizza dough:

   Adjust the edges with the back of your brush or any blunt tool so that the cheese looks melted:

   For the salami you need equal parts of red and terracotta clay:

   Mix them together and roll into a thick and short cylinder :

   Using a needle make little holes from one end to the other:

   Roll a thin snake of translucent clay to make the salami fat and put the pieces through the holes using your needle :

   Then you squeeze the cylinder and roll it into a thinner snake:

   Cut it into little salami pieces:

    Place them on your pizza- you cannot really see the salami fat here so I had to add little pieces of translucent clay later:

   For the olives mix black and brown clay, roll it into a very thin snake:

   Cut it into small pieces:

   With your needle make a hole in the middle of every piece so it looks like a piece of olive when you place it on the pizza:

   You do almost the same for the peppers using light green and translucent clay:

   Place the little pieces by pressing them on the pizza with the back of the needle:

   Sometimes I like to add a little feta cheese on my pizza- so I trim little pieces of white clay and add them like this:


   Bake it in your oven following the instructions on the package of the polymer clay you use:



  1. Hey,

    this is awesome....looks easy to make, but im sure it takes alot of practice...thanks for the tutorial....

  2. Thanks! Actually it was my first attempt... at least for a pizza :-))

  3. It looks really edible.... if not because of the supporting descriptions, I could've mistaken this as a pizza recipe post. Hehe. :)

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