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Old clothes into new baby stuff... stuffed animal tutorial

    I have been waiting for the maternal instinct to overwhelm me, but nothing happened (;-)) so far, so I tried to do something about it, create something for my expected little ones! Since I have gathered a lot of clothes I don't wear anymore, I decided to use them :

   So I started by making this pattern using a pencil, 2 A4 paper sheets glued together and a pair of scissors. A pattern for the body, the ears and tail :

   Drawing the pattern on the trousers...:

    Cut the double fabric and then sewed it together:

   Same with the ears, I used the fabric of the inner pockets of the trousers:

    And the result after stuffing them with glass wool parts and sewing... :

   I also stuffed the body with glass wool and then sewed the ears on it:

    ...and the result:

    I had a hard time sewing this totally by hand, so I asked my mom to give me her old singer sewing machine to experiment a bit. 

And here are the stuff I made:

From this..

to this



into this..

   And also:

old trousers

..into another stuffed elephant!
    Since I had the machine I thought of doing some more things except stuffed animals.. So I experimented with some old advertising towels a t-shirt and my trousers (again...) :

   And made these bibs!



  1. κι εγω ραβω κουκλακια απο παλια ρουχα μας :)
    το ελεφαντακι με μια μετατροπη στα ποδια θα μπορουσε να γινει και μαξιλαρι ταξιδιου για τον αυχενα...

  2. Τι τέλεια που είναι!!!!!!!!!!!! Ωραίος τρόπος να ανακυκλώσεις παλιά ρουχα.!!!!!!
    Μας αρέσει πολύ το blog σου και αποφασίσαμε να σου δώσουμε βραβείο. Πέρνα από το blog μας να το παραλάβεις.


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