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Summer doughnut - greek edition miniature necklace

Since I'm surviving through long hot days at home this summer I really miss going for a swim... I recollect last summer's vacations on my beloved Samothraki island:

The goat is actually the symbol of the island

Refreshing clear and cold water at the cataract Paradisos

Fresh yummy calamari              

A huge dentex we had the honor to enjoy...

... perfect!

I also recall all these afternoons when we were kids on the beach that we used to have a special kind of doughnut after a long swim and infinite games in the water...


So I crafted a miniature one out of polymer clay for old times shake I guess... :-)

Although it doesn't look baked enough!


Expired pills as beads vol2- funky bracelet tutorial

My second pill project is a bracelet... again but a little different this time:

I used this leather-like ribbon :

And the pills of course:

Cut the ribbon in 7 pieces, the length depends on the perimeter of the wrist:

Sew them together at the ends and the middle like this:

 I sealed the ends by gluing pieces of fabric: 


I cut little squares around the pills:

and glued them on the base:


I added a clasp and here it is:



Expired pills as beads vol1

      It's definitely been a long time since my last post.That's because I have been busy with my two sweet newborns, but there always has to be time for a little creativity or I will go mad I guess... ;-) 

       So, here are my old ferrum tablets, I love the color :

       I cut around the pills in a heart shape:

      Made holes on both sides using a thick needle:

      Connected the beads:


        Into this:


       Et voila my new bracelet!