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My dead sea creatures art


Finally it's time for vacation! I'm about to go visit some incredible places at the islands Limnos and Samothraki and I'm really excited about it!


 However, I haven't wasted any time since I've already visited our local beauties- beaches for a couple of swims...:-)

plaka litochorou

I don't know what kind of bird this is but it was there..

 While I was lying lazy on the beach under the sun-umbrella my friend Maria collected some very interesting shells:

Although it will be another 23 days till her names day I made something little for her neck and ears using the shells, some fimo and nail polish:

Don't you think it's elegant?

I also made this little brooch, but we'll see who'll wear it;-)

shiny summer brooch!


Hot summer, expired drugs and an upcoming wedding

Hot it is! With the temperature rising up to 35 degrees it is hard to do anything at all! Nevertheless I still have to go to work till the 22nd of July when my vacation finally begins.

the seagulls have it better..

Anyway, I found some expired aspirins in my home-first-aid-box and decided not to throw them away (of course..)


do NOT eat them, wear them

There will be some more expired drugs creations in the future, I promise;-)

Finally a little gift  for my friend Kel since it was her name day recently..

wedding bonbon earrings

we expect to eat some soon a bird told me

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