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"Marshmallow" Courtain and Arcade Jewellery

 I made it! I was working all day finishing some really pain in the ass tasks waiting for the time  to finally share with you guys my latest attempts to create things out of real garbage ;-)

and if this is not trash what is?

From China with love: cheap electronic device marshmallow look-alike packing;-)) It says: ''RESOLVE INTO MICROBE'' whatever this means...

 I don't know why but i had to do something with it, it provoked me. So:

 I did this...

 cheap decoration!

And because I use to forget stuff lately (I'm bad) I also have to fix things.. Happy (late) birthday LiZi!!!

hope you like them schwester!


You spin me right round...

    Happy funky summer everybody! 
    Καλό καλοκαίρι σε όλους!
    Despite of the crisis (at least here in Greece- πότε θα επαναστατήσουμε πατριωτάκια;) life still goes on and you can't help but notice that summer is officially here (it can't rain all the time). The previous month has been exhausting and although I've got loads of things to do and very very little time for relax and creation for the next two months, I managed to steal some time to share these stuff with you.

Many of you have thought of using Cd's as coasters, especially if the music they contain sucks...
How about transforming them into little vinyl disks?

I paint them with acrylic colors

It works better if you use giannis ploutarhos's Cd's... ;-)

I also transformed this old chocolate box into a husband friendly keys-wallet- little papers-etc annoying stuff case

The coasters were put there just for the photo

Finally a little something for the neck... no I couldn't help it!

Ramon my friend of course you inspire me...!