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My champagne bracelet

This is what I did with my other cheap plastic bracelet. It is not much but I think it will look cool to wear during the holidays...

I glued the silky ribbon on the inner side of the bracelet and then I twisted it around :

Until it looked like this:

cool, isn't it?

Some extra ribbon and a part of an old necklace and this is the result:

Of course there could be other ways to decorate it. In the beginning I tried to sew some beads on it :

Something like that:

But then I rejected it. Somehow I liked it better the other way!



Cheap 'n' chic bracelet upcycle

Hi there!
It's been a long time since I posted something, but also since I crafted I just blame my job since I'm never going to admit my lack of inspiration for the past couple of months ;-)

Finally I decided to make something with these plastic bracelets I bought once for half a euro each..

I used an old piece of fabric and some hand made ribbonsI found in my mum's "goodies"  

Also I found half a plastic earring, decadent remaining of the 80's I guess...

Using some glue and a needle and thread :

 A masterpiece, don't you agree?
 I can't wait to wear it at Christmas ;-)
Or maybe offer it as a gift to someone I love!!!



Microcosmic point of view...

Hello, hello! I haven't been much creative lately but that doesn't mean I can't present somebody else's creative work.

This is an animated video my brother made lately and also wrote the music." In a microcosm" or "just another way to recycle your mind..." if you don't mind :-)

I really like this one. Enjoy!


Rug out of old t-shirts...

This is a pretty classic idea, but still a lot of fun

You probably have a cupboard full of t-shirts you will never wear again

   By using your scissors you can make stripes out of them...
...and knit them into a rug!
My final piece. Not bad for a first, don't you think?
You can find the tutorial on YouTube :


Up-cycled cellphone circuit boards & other stuff....

It is definitely still summer, maybe it's last few days but who cares... all we should do is enjoy it while our government is draining the last cent out of our pockets. And although it is hot outside, September still makes me crafty...

Since I have a box full of circuit boards most of them part of old computers or cellphones, I decided to make something out of them : Book markers!

And since "they" are emptying our pockets I decided to make something  out of an old apron to "hide" my coins in   ;-)   :

I hope the government won't look here...

A little key-chain wallet so I don't have to fit my actual wallet in my pocket when I'm at work...

And last, another key-chain, this time out of fimo:

Summer inspiration! Slurp..


Some more light please

Hello everybody!

I came back from vacation a few days ago and I think I need a few more to adjust to my normal schedule. Had a great time in Limnos and  Samothraki, wish it were more...

falakro: a dreamy volcanic beach in Limnos

Anyway there are a lot of cool things you can do on... dry land so I decided to return at my usual activities and make a use of this mannequin I found on a pavement almost a year ago. It had a broken ankle so they threw it away. Of course I felt like I found a treasure back then. Using the mannequin, a spaghetti strainer and some electrical circuits... Voila my favorite floor lamp:

The winter is coming so I can dress her  in a while...

My sweetheart  loving husband I would never have made it without your help!


My dead sea creatures art


Finally it's time for vacation! I'm about to go visit some incredible places at the islands Limnos and Samothraki and I'm really excited about it!


 However, I haven't wasted any time since I've already visited our local beauties- beaches for a couple of swims...:-)

plaka litochorou

I don't know what kind of bird this is but it was there..

 While I was lying lazy on the beach under the sun-umbrella my friend Maria collected some very interesting shells:

Although it will be another 23 days till her names day I made something little for her neck and ears using the shells, some fimo and nail polish:

Don't you think it's elegant?

I also made this little brooch, but we'll see who'll wear it;-)

shiny summer brooch!


Hot summer, expired drugs and an upcoming wedding

Hot it is! With the temperature rising up to 35 degrees it is hard to do anything at all! Nevertheless I still have to go to work till the 22nd of July when my vacation finally begins.

the seagulls have it better..

Anyway, I found some expired aspirins in my home-first-aid-box and decided not to throw them away (of course..)


do NOT eat them, wear them

There will be some more expired drugs creations in the future, I promise;-)

Finally a little gift  for my friend Kel since it was her name day recently..

wedding bonbon earrings

we expect to eat some soon a bird told me

Leave me your comments please!!


"Marshmallow" Courtain and Arcade Jewellery

 I made it! I was working all day finishing some really pain in the ass tasks waiting for the time  to finally share with you guys my latest attempts to create things out of real garbage ;-)

and if this is not trash what is?

From China with love: cheap electronic device marshmallow look-alike packing;-)) It says: ''RESOLVE INTO MICROBE'' whatever this means...

 I don't know why but i had to do something with it, it provoked me. So:

 I did this...

 cheap decoration!

And because I use to forget stuff lately (I'm bad) I also have to fix things.. Happy (late) birthday LiZi!!!

hope you like them schwester!