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Some more light please

Hello everybody!

I came back from vacation a few days ago and I think I need a few more to adjust to my normal schedule. Had a great time in Limnos and  Samothraki, wish it were more...

falakro: a dreamy volcanic beach in Limnos

Anyway there are a lot of cool things you can do on... dry land so I decided to return at my usual activities and make a use of this mannequin I found on a pavement almost a year ago. It had a broken ankle so they threw it away. Of course I felt like I found a treasure back then. Using the mannequin, a spaghetti strainer and some electrical circuits... Voila my favorite floor lamp:

The winter is coming so I can dress her  in a while...

My sweetheart  loving husband I would never have made it without your help!


  1. Love the lamp and I'm going to feature it on my blog today. I like to feature repurposed and recycled this fits just perfectly.

  2. Well Michael be my guest:-))) Cool blog by the way...


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