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The toilet paper roll mirror frame


     A few months ago I started collecting the toilet paper rolls with no purpose in particular. Then I thought about wrapping around them pieces of ribbons and old cloth, any kind of useless fabric that somehow ended in my ultimate collection of garbage...
      Then I came with the idea of making a mirror out of them. So I used a rectangular piece of MDF 80 X 65 cm and painted the 10 cm thick part that would become the frame with chrome effect color spray. I glued a 60 X 45 cm sized mirror on the MDF using silicon glue:


      After 24 hours I started gluing the rolls on the frame with PVA glue:


      I forgot to mention that I partially painted the inner tube of the rolls (the mirror side)


      And here is the result:

    I'm thinking about installing lights through the rolls for a greater effect! Voila my new bedroom mirror!

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