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My bottle chandelier

            Hi there, I'm back again. Our new house is almost ready now, one of the last things I needed was a lamp for the living room. And now I have it!

      The idea was to make one out of green wine/oil/vinegar/water bottles.

      I had a hard time cutting off the bottoms of the bottles. I followed this tutorial I found : but it was still difficult to achieve because I didn't actually have the right tool, only a cheap one, so I improvised using a clamp:

      Sand paper was used to smoothen the not so perfect edges :

     The reason I delayed this project for so long is that I couldn't find the red cable I wanted for the lamp. I looked in every shop and on line too but the search was unfruitful. I came to the conclusion that there must be a red cable conspiracy theory but after googling this nothing came up ;-) So I took an extension cable we had at home:

      Cut it in 5 pieces, 2 meters each and painted it with a permanent red marker (Oh, yes!). I actually needed one and a half markers... :

      My husband helped me with the power connections (thank you darling!) and here is the one out of five result:



        ...another prospective:


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