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Fimo miniatures and easter candle decoration

       Hello! I've been busy these days working on my polymer clay miniatures that my goddaughter loves so much so I can use them as decoration on the easter candle I prepared for her.

        So, I started with some chocolate chip fimo biscuits:

         And then a little waffle with vanilla ice cream and cherries:

       I added some syrup: 

       And then I made some ham, cheese and lettuce sandwiches:

        But there were some pastel polymer clay leftovers and so I used them as scoops to make an ice cream:

      Finally I glued some of these on the hair accessories I bought for the little princess, and here is the result:

       Then I bought two plain easter candles, one for her and one for the little brother ;-) I decorated them with some ribbon for a start:

      Some painting decoration:

   Then I placed the hair accessories on the pink one:

    And here are the easter candles (and their wrappings) ready to be given as presents to the little ones! :



  1. I forgot to mention the tutorials I followed to make some of these:

  2. cute stuff you make! check out this site/blog for miniatures, she is norwegian and make everything in a scale 1/12


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