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Family-Handmade Christmas Calender

 There is no better way to keep your 2.5 years old kids busy and creative on a late November afternoon than crafting their own Christmas calender with them!

They started with painting on colorful sheets of craft carton. They also used recycled carton I cut out of packages.  They used water colors and markers:

 There was the classic fight over the red marker of course, which in the end nobody really used...

 And I had to do some work too, like cutting the cartons and drawing the numbers (yes, our printer is broken...). And of course somebody had to cut the numbers out.. Sweetheart, remember this is family business  :-P 

Then I shaped the cartons into cones and stapled the  two ends together. The numbers were also stapled on the carton cones.

Tight or staple some string or ribbon on them:

 And stick them on the wall with blue tack:

 You can also decorate a window with these or put them as ornaments on the Christmas tree! Ours wouldn't be much safe there so I put them on the kitchen wall where they are out of reach for the moment!
I guess we have to fill them with some goodies now :-)

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