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Up-cycle an old gemstone bracelet into a fashionable woven chain bracelet

It has literally been years since I last posted anything on my blog! There was no time at all for me during the last couple of years for such leisure time activities, however, I finally managed to find an opportunity to concern myself with my blog and post this up-cycled bracelet tutorial.

I used :

-a gemstone bracelet
- 2 pieces of steel chain (the size of the chain parts has to match approximately the distance between the gemstones)
- ribbon
-embroidery threads
-lobster clutch (you cannot see that in the picture, sorry:-( )

After you make a knot with the ribbon containing the ends of the chains and gemstone bracelet, twist the ribbon around the bracelet, through each chain part and between the gemstones as you can see on the picture below:

Afterwards, use the embroidery threads of your choice and make a knot on one side. Weave the threads through the chains:

I used the tutorial I found here , you can also find woven chain bracelet tutorials on youtube.
I repeated the same on the other side/chain and I made a final knot. Put on a lobster clutch and here is the result:

I think it's fabulous, what do you think?


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