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Fix and up-cycle broken sunglasses using sugru!


         Have you ever heard of sugru? It is a relatively new material, a self-setting rubber for fixing and improving stuff. I didn't know about it either, but then my husband ordered it over the internet and I kept making fun of him and how he's going to fix everything with it until I used it myself. 
         You can do a lot of things with it, for a start I decided to fix my favorite sunglasses I broke beyond repair a couple of months ago:

       I took a little piece of sugru and formed it into a ball the size of a pea, then used it to connect the pieces of the broken arm together:

      I let it hanging like this to dry for 24 hours and since it was not so stable I repeated the step adding some more sugru :


      After 24 hours I decorated the fix with a ball of sugru that I flattened over the side of the connection. I made the pattern using the back of a paintbrush:

     And in the end I added a little strass:

     Remember: you have to press the gem stone hard into the sugru mass so it doesn't fall of. Mine did :-))

     So, what did you fix lately? I'd like to hear about your repairs!


  1. Hi , i just broke my channel sunglasse arm, where do i get the sugru

    1. I found it on you can also choose a color!


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