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Milk carton into baby night lantern


        This is a classic project, I started crafting it though since I needed a night light for my little baby boy. All you need is an empty milk carton, a light bulb and a cable and loads of fantasy!

        This was my milk carton (bad picture, I know...) :

         By using a cutter I made the door and windows:

    With some acrylic paint, colored paper and fabric scraps:

     And now the boring part with the help of my sweetheart of course:

     I connected the lamp to the lamp socket and the cable, and in order to keep it standing in the carton, I passed the cable through an empty vitamins box ( please don't sue me this time :-P)

   And now we put it inside the box and:

    Any ideas? What else can you do with a milk carton?

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