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Top angel Christmas ornament

   I wasn't too sleepy last night so I started making an ornament for the top of our Christmas tree. I had found this carton cone that had the remains of a golden thread on it which must have been one of my grandmothers sewing materials.

    I kept the thread for hanging the rest of the ornaments I'm about to make (yes, I will make a post about them :-)), and glued some scrap fabrics I had on the cone. (I'm sorry about the lack of pictures here but it was pretty late...)

I had to find a fancy head for my angel though, so I thought that a beer cap would do:

   It was too late to come with a better idea than wings out of paper, so..I made this awful drawings and tried to fix it while cutting it out... I know I can do better :

   Glued the pieces together and with a stapler Ι attached the wings on the cone. I used a big paperclip that I bent into a halo:


   So, it  is not that bad, is it?
 I'll be back soon with some more recycled ornaments!!!

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